Channel Access protocol disector for Wireshark (In Lua script)
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Wireshark disector plugin for Channel Access protocol

Tested with wireshark 1.2.11, 1.8.2, 1.10.8, and 2.2.6. Works on RHEL 7.4 (wireshark 1.10.14).


Only the file ca.lua is needed. Then start wireshark with

wireshark -X lua_script:/path/to/ca.lua


This plugin does general decoding of CA UDP and TCP traffic on the standard ports (5064 and 5065). It does TCP segment reassembly for large messages.

The CA protocol provides no easy way to distinguish client and server messages without observing the start of the connection. Thus this plugin can not fully decode all messages. Currently only some messages are fully decoded. Others decode with only generic field names.

DBR data in get, put, and monitor operations is not decoded.

Reporting bugs

Bug reports are welcome (and patches more so).

Send to "Michael Davidsaver" or open a github issue.

If possible, please include a packet capture file which will trigger the error.

Note that the PVA disector triggers bug 10233 with wireshark 1.12.1, which is known to be fixed with 2.0.


To automatically load the CA disector instead of using the -X argument.

On RHEL systems, the wireshark config directory is at /usr/share/wireshark/. If the file /usr/share/wireshark/init.lua doesn't exist, install the package wireshark-devel.

Edit /etc/wireshark/init.lua and remove or comment out the line about disabling LUA support ("disable_lua = true"). You may also need to change the line "run_user_scripts_when_superuser = false" depending on how you run wireshark.

Next copy the file ca.lua from this repository to /etc/wireshark/.

Then add a line to the end of init.lua.


If all goes well the string "Loaded CA" will be printed to the console when wireshark starts.

To install this for a single user create $HOME/.wireshark/init.lua with a single line "dofile("ca.lua")" and place ca.lua in this directory.