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Single-page username generator built with JavaScript, HTML, and Sass.
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yarn.lock codebeat badge is a word generator focused on the creation of unique usernames. Using a series of controlled properties, users can generate content from predefined words, or via custom input.

This project is open source, and can be used right here on GitHub!

History is the successor to "Alias Generator," one of the first applications I created. Originally, Alias Generator was a challenge to see how much I knew about web development before diving into several major online courses. After learning a significant number of new concepts, I decided to revisit and reproduce the entire project from the ground up. The entire engine has been rebuilt and redesigned.


  • Categories - Predefined
  • Categories - Custom Input
  • Code - Modular JS
  • Code - Modular Sass/CSS
  • Design - Mobile Responsive
  • Design - On-Page Editing
  • Modifier - Caps: CAPS LOCK
  • Modifier - Caps: First Letter
  • Modifier - Caps: RaNDoM LeTTeRS
  • Modifier - L33T Translation


  • Availability Checker
  • Grammar Function
  • History Log
  • More Categories
  • More Modifiers
  • More Words
  • Preview Cards

File Structure

/src/ is the unminified source code.

/dist/ is the public distribution folder.