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mdawsondev - Web Developer

Hi there!

This repository isn't exclusive to any specific project or notes, but if you're looking to learn a bit about me then you've come to the right place. This isn't a portfolio, and it's not meant to be a pitch for employment (although, if you like what you see! 😉).

This is where I house information about my skills, my workflow, project history, certification and course history, etc.; as well as providing source code to my website for anyone who want's to see what's going on under the hood.

I mainly made this to share with other developers and get feedback to help tighten my weakest areas. I also needed another place to put more emojis. 🥞🥐🥨


  • Projects: High-level overview of projects I've been proud to work on in the past.
  • Skills: A list of my skills ranked by experience.
  • Website: A peek at the code behind my site, mdawsondev.com.
  • Workflow: What I use, how I use it, why I use it.



Self-taught, and highly motivated to expose myself to as much education and experience that I can possibly get my hands on. I've completed the following (as well as seveal unlisted) courses/certifications, and fully intend to keep the list growing.