OpenSSL Cipher Speed

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OpenSSL Cipher Speed

OpenSSL offers a speed tool to test and compare cipher speeds. Machines with CPUs offering AES-NI support will see as much as 50% improvement in speed for some ciphers.

All the AWS instance types support AES-NI. Source AWS Instace Type Matrix.

To check AES-NI is supported on linux check for the aes cpu flag:

  • cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep aes

Cipher performance

With AES-NI enabled

	openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-128-cbc

With disabled AES-NI

	OPENSSL_ia32cap="~0x200000200000000" openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-128-cbc

Performance Results

Performance analysis environment:

  • AWS r3.xlarge instance
  • running Ubuntu 14.04 with
  • gcc - 4.8.2, and
  • OpenSSL version 1.0.1f (this version is immune to Heartbleed vulnerability.)

The tests for each input data size was performed for 3 seconds, for the ciphers that we were interested in, and with-and-without AES-NI support.

Cipher AES-NI Enabled 16 bytes 64 bytes 256 bytes 1024 bytes 8192 bytes
aes-128-cbc Yes 522138.77k 556844.12k 565751.21k 568527.19k 569161.05k
aes-128-cbc no 251155.07k 281797.40k 288457.39k 293490.01k 293360.98k
aes-128-gcm Yes 282247.11k 687515.58k 908669.27k 973724.33k 1000751.10k
aes-128-gcm no 72770.61k 83879.10k 193990.06k 180874.24k 211670.36k
aes-192-cbc Yes 441970.44k 466626.88k 472969.05k 474343.42k 475119.62k
aes-192-cbc no 218683.26k 237568.28k 243179.01k 245316.95k 245970.26k
aes-192-gcm Yes 243939.89k 650136.94k 855713.71k 930768.90k 944444.76k
aes-192-gcm no 64410.55k 73188.25k 177231.10k 191697.24k 194322.43k
aes-256-cbc Yes 383254.35k 401405.10k 406361.26k 407183.02k 407866.03k
aes-256-cbc no 190969.32k 205366.66k 206959.27k 209405.27k 210132.99k
aes-256-gcm Yes 232089.41k 606408.66k 797758.38k 858324.99k 870577.49k
aes-256-gcm no 58105.64k 64723.09k 166331.22k 179110.23k 182190.08k

Its evident that with AES-NI support it is possible to get good perormance with better security by choosing a GCM based cipher. The obeserved performace was consistently twice as fast compared to no AES-NI support.

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