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Test && Commit || Revert minor mode plugin for Emacs.
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Test && Commit || Revert minor mode plugin for Emacs.

This is a Emacs minor mode implementation for the TCR workflow as described here:

There is no package on Elpa or Melpa. To install it clone this to some local folder and initialize like this in Emacs:

(use-package tcr-mode
  :load-path "~/.emacs.d/plugins/tcr-mode")

When done you have a minor mode called tcr-mode.

This mode can be enabled for basically every buffer, but currently only Elixir mix projects are supported. On other code or project it just saves the buffer.

To execute TCR on a buffer use the key sequence: C-t c. This will first save the buffer and then execute the tests plus either git commit or git reset --hard.

If your buffer has Magit enabled the buffer is reverted on external changes automatically. If no Magit you might have to enable auto-revert-mode.

After the first execution of tcr-execute you can view the "TCR out" buffer for test output.

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