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NOTE: This file is automatically generated from "".
Last updated: 2012-01-24
This contains a local list of the bugs that are open against
libguestfs. Bugs are tracked in the Red Hat Bugzilla database
at and to report a new bug you
should follow this link:
When reporting a new bug, please check:
- That the bug has not been reported already.
- That you are testing a recent version.
- Describe the bug accurately, and give a way to reproduce it.
- Include the version of libguestfs, distro version and any other
relevant information.
- Attach the complete output of "libguestfs-test-tool".
Bugs in NEW or ASSIGNED state are open and waiting for someone to fix.
676020 NEW
After using virt-resize with an ntfs partition windows is not booting
684486 NEW
Guest fails to boot after virt-resize
691659 NEW
libguestfs fails to run under JRuby 1.6.0
693064 NEW
Symbolic links on ntfs-3g are not followed correctly by some commands
701814 NEW
virt-win-reg fails on a libvirt guest that has no defined disk format: "format parameter is empty or contains disallowed characters"
709326 NEW
virt-inspector cannot detect ReactOS
719879 NEW
Rebase libguestfs in RHEL 6.3
728224 NEW
configure can't find qemu on PPC
729076 NEW
libguestfs confuses Hp_recovery partition with Windows root filesystem
731742 NEW
libguestfs should escape special/non-printing characters in debug output
737261 NEW
libguestfs grub-install API needs grub1
745576 NEW
libguestfs (or qemu?) hangs if sparse file runs out of disk space
745606 NEW
libguestfs: error: part_list: could not parse row from output of parted print command
760221 NEW
RFE: Support inspection of cciss devices
761565 NEW
Missing deps on netpbm-progs and icoutils
767852 NEW
dependency on fuse suggested
769304 NEW
virt-resize on RHEL 6 kernel fails to re-read the partition table
769359 NEW
virt-resize on RHEL 6 kernel fails to re-read the partition table
770075 NEW
FEBOOTSTRAP_MODULES fails if modules directory is not under /lib
770076 NEW
FEBOOTSTRAP_KERNEL causes appliance build to fail
782167 NEW
libguestfs doesn't recognize Windows Dynamic disks in some configurations, eg. spanned
563450 NEW
list-devices returns devices of different types out of order
696445 NEW
Backport virt-inspector for virt-v2v
547488 NEW
guestfish cannot tab complete filenames that contain spaces
672485 NEW
[RFE] virt-edit/tar/inspector do not support encrypted system
679737 NEW
libguestfs: improve error message when zerofree is not available in the appliance
745282 NEW
[RFE] Support to use virt-filesystems with remote libvirt systems
507278 NEW
libguestfs fails to build on Fedora sparc64
554829 NEW
SELinux handling could be done better.
555803 NEW
guestfs_tgz_out does not detect failure of tar command
572337 NEW
libguestfs should support gptsync
578103 NEW
[RFE] Tool to Compare Windows Registry Entries
592910 NEW
'guestfish --remote run' hangs in a shell command substitution context
593511 NEW
[RFE] function to get partition name
596354 NEW
guestfish.1.html and guestfs.3.html declared "XHTML 1.0 Strict" but are not in fact well-formed XML
604041 NEW
guestmount absolute symlinks don't work
624334 NEW
blockdev-setbsz succeeds, but does not affect blockdev-getbsz
624335 NEW
blockdev-setbsz succeeds, but does not affect blockdev-getbsz
627675 NEW
libguestfs inspector code cannot handle /dev/disk/by-id/* paths
635971 NEW
glob mkfs ext2 /dev/vd[b-t]1 does not expand
637251 NEW
virt-inspector fails to recognize data-only NTFS disk image
646036 NEW
libguestfs fails to launch
660687 NEW
guestmount: "touch" command fails: touch: setting times of `timestamp': Invalid argument
696451 NEW
libguestfs: unknown filesystem label SWAP-sda2
696484 NEW
[RFE] virt-v2v show the warning info after convert rhel4u8 guest if comment a line of swap in the fstab
700342 NEW
virt-inspector resports unknown filesystem UUID
741183 NEW
[RFE] Write a tool to align the partition(s) in a Windows XP image to a multiple of 8 sectors
Not all febootstrap messages are redirected to log callbacks
Missing btrfs support
mount hangs there when you lack proper permission to guest image
RHEL6: virt-clone should remove old udev rules when changing MAC address
launch fails when run inside a Xen guest, when no non-PV kernels are installed
guestfish's list splitting does not recognize internal quoting
guestfish not able to mount freebsd ufs2 partitions automatically
RFE: Enable coredump capture in the appliance
Bugs in MODIFIED, POST or ON_QA state are fixed.
You can help by testing the fixes.
Extended attributes don't work over guestmount (FUSE)
Python code incompatible with Python v3.
checksum: wrong check sum type causes umount to fail
749828 ON_QA
p2v does not support raid devices
End of BUGS file.
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