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Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @rwmjones

    Version 1.17.1.

    rwmjones authored
  2. @rwmjones

    daemon: Fix use-after-free in case-insensitive-path (found by valgrind).

    rwmjones authored
    This commit tidies up the code by splitting out the path
    element-searching code into a separate function.
    Valgrind found that 'closedir' frees the 'struct dirent *', which
    wasn't immediately obvious.  So now we do the 'closedir' after all
    operations which touch 'd->d_name'.
  3. @rwmjones
  4. @rwmjones
  5. @rwmjones
  6. @rwmjones
  7. @rwmjones

    daemon: md: Whitespace changes, and use size_t for i instead of pointer.

    rwmjones authored
    This is just a code clean-up with no functional change.
  8. @rwmjones
  9. @rwmjones

    daemon: blkid: Whitespace changes, and use size_t for i instead of po…

    rwmjones authored
    This is just a code clean-up with no functional change.
  10. @rwmjones
  11. @rwmjones
  12. @rwmjones
  13. @rwmjones

    daemon: Fix use of uninitialized stack data (found by valgrind).

    rwmjones authored
    This uninitialized data was also sent over the protocol,
    potentially being a serious information leak.
  14. @rwmjones
  15. @rwmjones

    Enable running the daemon under valgrind.

    rwmjones authored
    This commit allows you to run the daemon under valgrind.  You have to
    enable it at configure time:
      ./configure --enable-valgrind-daemon
    This should *not* be done for production builds.
    When this feature is enabled, valgrind is added to the appliance and
    the daemon is run under valgrind.  Log messages from valgrind are
    passed back over a virtio-serial channel into a file called
    'valgrind.log.$PID' in the top build directory.
    Running 'make check', 'make extra-tests' etc causes many
    valgrind.log.* files to be created which must be examined by hand.
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @hillu
  2. @hillu

    Fix --{en,dis}able-install-daemon

    hillu authored
    This fixes...
        configure: error: conditional "INSTALL_DAEMON" was never defined.
    ... when specifying --disable-daemon
  3. @rwmjones

    API support: Fix src/api-support/added file.

    rwmjones authored
    This fixes commit 37e07db.
  4. @rwmjones

    Version 1.17.0.

    rwmjones authored
  5. @rwmjones

    Update ROADMAP.

    rwmjones authored
  6. @rwmjones

    Finalize RELEASE NOTES.

    rwmjones authored
  7. @rwmjones
  8. @rwmjones

    debian: Debian 6 blkid has -p but not -i.

    rwmjones authored
    Fix the existing test to work correctly in this case.
    Other cleanups.
  9. @rwmjones

    gobject: Require minimum gobject library version of 2.26.0

    authored rwmjones committed
    The GObject bindings require G_DEFINE_BOXED_TYPE, which was not added until
    2.25.15. There are probably other dependencies.
  10. @meyering @rwmjones

    maint: use $var notation rather than ${var} when possible

    meyering authored rwmjones committed
    I noticed some uses of ${srcdir} in shell scripts.
    That is almost always better written as $srcdir.
    The patch below converts most such variable references.
    Here are the few remaining candidates:
    $ git grep -i -E '\$\{[a-zA-Z_0-9]+\}'|grep -v        JAR_INSTALL_DIR=\${prefix}/share/java        JNI_INSTALL_DIR=\${libdir}
    debian/rules:   for TEST in ${DEBIAN_SKIP_TEST}; do \
    debian/rules:#          mv $${mod} $$(dirname $${mod})/; \
    java/ = libguestfs-${VERSION}.jar
    java/${VERSION}.jar: $(libguestfs_jar_class_files)
    perl/lib/Sys/Guestfs/                      "-f", '${Package} ${Version} ${Architecture} ${Status}\n',
    perl/typemap:            croak (\"${Package}::$func_name(): called on a closed handle\");
    perl/typemap:        croak (\"${Package}::$func_name(): $var is not a blessed HV reference\");
    tests/data/   echo "$${i}abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; \
    We could change all of those, too, except the ones in
    and, since they refer to Make variables.  Even those
    should be changed, but to use the preferred Makefile notation:
    $(prefix), $(libdir), $(VERSION).
    >From a86770ecd45666232a94d76c8725c8f9b1c76e3a Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
    From: Jim Meyering <>
    Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 11:15:12 +0100
    Subject: [PATCH libguestfs] maint: use $var notation rather than ${var} when
    The only case to avoid in a shell script is when the byte after the
    "}" is word-constituent, and concatenating it would thus change the
    name of the variable.
    These changes were induced by running this command:
      git grep -l -i -E '\$\{(srcdir|md)' \
        |xargs perl -pi -e 's/\$\{(srcdir|md)\}($|\w)/\$$1$2/gi'
    The "g" was needed because there was one line with two instances.
    The "i" is to handle ${SRCDIR}.  The ($|\w) ensures that concatenating
    whatever follows the "}" won't change semantics.
    * gobject/run-bindtests: Use "$srcdir", not "${srcdir}".
    * haskell/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * java/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * ocaml/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * perl/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * python/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * ruby/run-bindtests: Likewise.
    * tests/guests/guest-aux/ Likewise, but $SRCDIR.
    * tests/guests/guest-aux/ Likewise.
    * tests/guests/guest-aux/ Likewise.
    * tests/md/ Likewise, but $md.
  11. @rwmjones

    Update API support.

    rwmjones authored
  12. @hillu @rwmjones

    gobject: Run bindtests from srcdir.

    hillu authored rwmjones committed
  13. @meyering @rwmjones

    build: don't use automake-internal variable

    meyering authored rwmjones committed
    Hi Rich,
    I realized a day or two late that my suggestion was not quite right.
    Here's the fix:
    >From 5294c21cf07c4ec2f094182ba9f32696f3de2751 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
    From: Jim Meyering <>
    Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 10:01:40 +0100
    Subject: [PATCH libguestfs] build: don't use automake-internal variable
    * ocaml/ (mlguestfs.cma): Use the documented variable form,
    $(libguestfsocaml_a_OBJECTS), not the $(am_libguestfsocaml_a_OBJECTS)
    that I suggested for commit 1.15.16-17-g8b9eaec.
  14. @hillu @rwmjones

    check for febootstrap etc. even if not building appliance

    hillu authored rwmjones committed
  15. @hillu @rwmjones
  16. @hillu @rwmjones
  17. @hillu @rwmjones

    Replace setting of environment variables with usage of local run script

    hillu authored rwmjones committed
    (Includes fix by RWMJ)
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @rwmjones

    php: function_entry -> zend_function_entry.

    rwmjones authored
    function_entry was left over from PHP 3.
  2. @rwmjones
  3. @rwmjones

    Version 1.15.19.

    rwmjones authored
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