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More Logging

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These enable different types of audit logging.


  • audit_log - log logins, queries against specified tables, and startup
  • log_tables - log queries that use these table to the audit log (comma seperated)
  • log-update - log DDL and DML by users with the SUPER privilege

Audit Log

audit_log is a new parameter. When set, entries are written to an audit log for every connection, query to a specified table and startup. Another variable, log_tables, is used to list the tables for which all accesses are logged.

Super User Log

log-update logs all DDL and DML (create, drop, insert, update, delete and replace statements) done by users with the SUPER privilege. DML statements are only logged when they modify at least 1 row after statement completion. A statement that changes 1 row but is never committed, still writes data to the log.

This parameter is not new. This patch changes the meaning of the parameter.

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