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QuickHAC Version 3.0 Mockups

Please refer to https://github.com/quickhac/qhac-common for the core QuickHAC project.

This repository contains the design mockups for the upcoming version 3.0 of QuickHAC.

Please keep in mind that because this is for a Chrome extension, only Chrome is supported. Layouts will most likely be broken in other browsers.

See the demo for the interactive prototype.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: abc


You will need to run bower install in order to install all dependencies. This means you need Bower. You will also need TypeScript if you plan on editing scripts.


Open up dist/index.html in Chrome. Everything should run fine, no need to build anything. If you make any modifications to the styles or templates, however, you'll have to rebuild.

To build scripts, run make scripts.

To build templates, run make templates.

To build styles, run make styles.

To build everything, run make all.

If you add a new style, make sure to add an @import rule for it in the main.scss file. If you add a new template or script, make sure to add it in the Makefile.

To Do

  • Mobile mockups
  • Exam/semester grades?
  • Dashboard (year at a glance)
  • Icon
  • Redo student switching (like gmail on iOS)
  • Add student menu
  • Lock screen
  • Grade editing
  • Convert templates to Handlebars
  • Forgot password
  • Cancel login/error messages
  • Homepage
  • Investigate standalone chrome app
  • GPA calculations page
  • Full page animations (and sidebar)
  • Grade conditional formatting
  • Grade change indicators
  • Trends
  • Print style
  • Keyboard shortcuts

In Progress

  • Welcome screen (select students and app showcase)
  • Change pixel font sizes to em
  • Use variables for layout
  • Preferences


  • Fix login animations
  • Cycle switching
  • Login screen
  • Student switching menu
  • Course grades
  • General layout
  • Templates (DustJS)
  • Basic framework (router)


  • Pull to refresh (mobile)
  • Pin (freeze) course grade edits
  • Preview sample student in browser (without downloading extension, requires Chrome)
  • Grade "watchdog" --- catches numerous missing grades or low/failed assessments, alerts the user
  • Allow users to set goals for each course, can show progress towards goal and how individual grades affect achieving that goal
  • Maybe instead of having the user enter the student ID upon login, we could just scrape all the siblings' IDs from HAC then have all the students auto-populated in the student switcher. This would simplify things a bit for the user, and is easier for parents who may not know their student's ID.

Things Users Would Like to See Improved

  • "Maybe a notifications chart, sometimes i dont get the notification and i dont know what changed"
  • "When u click the icon it pops out. When you click it again it should dissapear. not just refresh another popout"
  • "Standalone app rather than a chrome extension"
  • "Also, comparison to other quickhacers who make their grades "public" (or comparison to the average)"
  • "Maybe also add in a feature to check attendance. Then it would make actually going to HAC superfluous."
  • "Ability to permanently change my grades"
  • "If possible, a notification for when a new grade is entered even if it doesn't change a grade average"
  • "Possibly GPA calculation"
  • "I would like to see what assignment made my grade change when I get a notification."
  • "Grades table looks too busy/cramped. Also the grade cells don't have the same width (Semester averages)"