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πŸ”¨ Tool to make Simple and Quick JSON APIs with GitHub.
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APIs with GitHub

πŸ’‘ πŸš€
This is a simple tool to make JSON APIs for quick use for your basic projects. Your APIs are hosted on GitHub as JSON file that's simple

What’s In This Document

πŸ“– About This Tool

I was re-desiging my portfolio webiste and my main task that where I'll host my basic data from where I can manage the content easy and simple. But there are no solution. So, I get the idea about GitHub API and using GitHub APIs I build this tool. So, my website( content is managed by this tool. So, I published this on ProductHunt( and when people ask me that it's open souce? And then I say No. So, I quickly make this tool open Source. Because I love when people wants to contribute in your projects. check this thread (

✍ How to Setup Locally

This tool is build with React(CRA), GitHub APIs, JSON Editor( and Bootstrap for Grid System. And Hosted on Netlify.


  1. git clone
  2. cd json-apis-with-github
  3. yarn install
  4. npm run start

🀝 How to Contribute

So, Yes, you can add any feature that will help others. And Suggestion is also a contribution. If you have any comment So, you can leave your thought here.

Tool Build With



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