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Method ObjectUtil.toString(attrVal) is not working on this scenario selenium.FlexAssertProperty("id=App", "chain=id:curPage, validator=text|1"); I chage it to String(attrVal) instead.

I am not sure if this is the right solution but for the moment I tested using the following properties and it is working:

chain=id:curPage, validator=enabled|true
chain=id:curPage, validator=text|1
chain=id:curPage, validator=width|35

maheshgondi and others added some commits Jul 28, 2010
maheshgondi updated my copy and removed cropping in FlexPilotTest in firefox 607ff9f
@admc admc Re-pushing all of the mash code 334fd13
@admc admc no swf files checked into the tree 3a3bcf2
@admc admc Improving formatting, fixing the datagrid link clicking bug e29e605
@admc admc Resolving some of the conflicts, recorder code is still broken 998254d
@admc admc Getting the mahesh branch all up-to date 9f39443
@admc admc Merging in data grid from mash branch c7c65f5
@admc admc Adding the new support for data grids, sliders, data pickers etc 4b12ebf
@admc admc Fixing a lookup bug, adding the ability to specify an offset for drag…
@admc admc Adding tests for the wildcards, success 12505e3
@admc admc Adding adding a real index for all the testing apps 5594ff1
@admc admc Adding a header 290569f
@admc admc Adding a new locator: child, allowing you to specify a child directly…
…, ex. child:[1]
@admc admc Major formatting re-org 9b8c671
@admc admc Adding a try wrapper on an occasional exception that needs to be ignored be74df7
@admc admc Fixing some bad spacing, adding fp_dump for UI debugging d2ba1c3
@admc admc Support for objects inside ControlBar components, not fully supported…
… by explorer yet, but locatable
@admc admc Fixing build script ededcd2
@mariangemarcano mariangemarcano fix bug assertProperty failed at if (opts.preMatchProcess) it is null…
… in this case
@mariangemarcano mariangemarcano being able to call assertProperty on enabled attribute failing on com…
…parison true == "true"
@mariangemarcano mariangemarcano Method ObjectUtil.toString(attrVal) is not working using chain=id:cur…
…Page, validator=text|1 chage it to String(attrVal)

Thanks so much for the work, I got two pull requests on this nearly at the same moment so I tried to merge it all in, please let me know if I screwed something up, or your issue isn't fixed!



Hi Adam I tested and the fix worked, I just did a small change on flex4 branch since the lines are no longer needed (because of Meghna fix).

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