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Removing extra v in tar command, adding removal of downloaded archives

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1 parent cad3017 commit 37405ea02ba8f9d6a1c0b3f774fced0ef625031d @jgable jgable committed Aug 3, 2012
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2 Jakefile
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ namespace('test', function () {
, 'curl ' +
'-o lib/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz'
, 'echo "Expanding archive ..."'
- , 'tar -xvvzf lib/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz -C lib/tz'
+ , 'tar -xvzf lib/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz -C lib/tz'
jake.exec(cmds, function () {
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ First you'll need to include the code on your page. Both `timezoneJS.Date`, and
Next you'll need the Olson time zone files -- `timezoneJS.Date` uses the raw Olson data to calculate timezone offsets. The Olson region files are simple, structured text data, which download quickly and parse easily. (They also compress to a very small size.)
-Here is an example of how to get the Olson time zone files
+Here is an example of how to get the Olson time zone files:
@@ -35,7 +35,10 @@ Here is an example of how to get the Olson time zone files
curl -o tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz
# Expand the files
- tar -xvvzf tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz -C tz
+ tar -xvzf tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz -C tz
+ # Optionally, you can remove the downloaded archives.
+ rm tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz
Then you'll need to make the files available to the `timezoneJS.timezone` code, and initialize the code to parse your default region. (This will be North America if you don't change it). No sense in downloading and parsing timezone data for the entire world if you're not going to be using it.

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