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Graph Signal Processing Summer School

Organizers: Michaël Defferrard, Nathanaël Perraudin, Yann Schoenenberger, Dorina Thanou.

Scientific committee: Pascal Frossard, Mauro Maggioni, Bruno Torrésani.


Documents related to the organization of a Graph Signal Processing (GSP) summer school.

Summary of the 2015 edition

From June 22nd to June 26th 2015, 30 students and 4 speakers met in beautiful Leukerbad, Switzerland for the first edition of the Key Insights on Networks and Graphs summer school.

During five days, participants were given the opportunity to attend lectures given by high profile speakers on current research topics around networks and graphs. These people, from two close yet very distinct communities, distributed computing and network algorithms on one hand and high-dimensional data processing and graph signal processing on the other were able to discuss their research, share recent insights in their field and inspire the audience to develop new ideas.

These daily talks were complemented by rich interactions between people from different backgrounds at the cozy Astoria hotel, while sharing a meal or a room. A lot of time was spent sharing ideas, discussing the state of the art and learing about other people's research and presenting one's own.

Aside from the very productive time spent in the conference room and at the hotel, everyone took advantage of the beautiful setting and great weather. A half-day hike was organised around the nearby Daubensee lake between the Daubenhorn and Rinderhorn mountains. Leukerbad is also known for its thermal baths where almost everyone took some time to relax.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. People seem to have really enjoyed their time at the Key Insights on Networks and Graphs summer school. Many said that what they learned at the summer shool will have a significant positive impact on their work.


Organization of a Graph Signal Processing Summer School







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