Script to parse the Thunderbird email, including deleted email
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This script parses the raw emails, including deleted emails in files created by Thunderbird located under \Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles[random].default\

These files do not have a file extension and contain emails in MIME format. It will parse the Header information(To, from, CC, BC, Date and Subject) into an Excel file and create a link to the .eml file. It will also list the attachments.

####Required Library Install the xlwt library on Linux/OS X using:

sudo easy_install xlwt


Use the xlwt installer located at

####Usage -d /home/sansforensics/thunderbird_profile/9tdq9zg0.default -o /home/sansforensics/documents/parsed_emails

####More Information

View the blog post at

Email Mari > arizona4n6 at gmail dot com for help/questions/bugs