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projectdir ::= $(realpath .)
relgnupghome ::= test/.gnupghome
export GNUPGHOME ::= $(projectdir)/$(relgnupghome)
gpg_key_id ::= "8c2a59a7"
relpassstore ::= test/.test-password-store
export PASSWORD_STORE_DIR ::= $(projectdir)/$(relpassstore)
.PHONY: all test coverage style clean clean-pycache clean-build
all: style test
test: $(relpassstore)
dbus-run-session -- pytest -v test
coverage: $(relpassstore)
dbus-run-session -- python3 -m coverage run -m pytest -v test
python3 -m coverage report
pycodestyle --max-line-length=159 .
$(relgnupghome): test/test_key.asc test/test_ownertrust.txt
@echo "===== Preparing gpg test keys in $(relgnupghome) ====="
mkdir -p -m 700 $(relgnupghome)
gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import test/test_key.asc
gpg --import-ownertrust test/test_ownertrust.txt
$(relpassstore): $(relgnupghome)
@echo "===== Preparing password store in $(relpassstore) ====="
pypass init -p $(relpassstore) $(gpg_key_id)
clean: clean-test-environment clean-pycache clean-build
$(RM) -r $(relpassstore)
$(RM) -r $(relgnupghome)
find . -name '__pycache__' -exec $(RM) -r {} +
$(RM) -r build/
$(RM) -r dist/
$(RM) -r *.egg-info
# vim: set ts=8 sw=2 ft=make noet noro norl cin nosi ai :
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