Simple Tool For Parallel Online Search
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Simple Tool For Parallel Online Search


Some internal search systems for website are simply not accurate enough. Often, external indexed-based search tools are not sufficient either, especially when the data is moving fast, or only specific subsets of websites are targeted.

One way to avoid this is to do online analysis and search: this is what Panop is for.

Panop will provide you a simple interface that allows you to select the target of a search and its settings, as well as domain boundaries and search depth. It will then return you a list of URLs matching your requirements and allow you to browse through it.

Panop is a command-line-based tool.

How to use

Panop is coded in Scala and uses SBT. To compile and use Panop, please clone this repository. Execute:

sbt publishLocal

and then:

sbt script generate a script at the root of the project. You can then move the script anywhere in your system (e.g. in your bash path). To learn how to use Panop, simply run:

panop --help


The use of Panop can produce some workload on websites, depending of its settings.


  • Decentralize Master's synchronization. ideally, this should be done with a tool such as Spark. But since it's a command-line based tool as well, it would probably be harder to manage.
  • Support folder-based research as well. Windows search is bad enough that this tool could actually be useful there.