Remove unnecessary type conversions from Go source
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mdempsky unconvert: recognize Go 1.9's forced-rounding conversions
As a conservative fix, this prevents removing redundant conversions
whenever: 1) the conversion is floating point (float or complex), 2)
the converted expression is an arithmetic expression, and 3) the
conversion is used as an argument in another arithmetic expression.

The previous behavior can be restored with -fastmath=true.

Fixes #24.
Latest commit 1a9a0a0 Jul 4, 2018



The unconvert program analyzes Go packages to identify unnecessary
type conversions; i.e., expressions T(x) where x already has type T.


    $ go get


    $ unconvert -v bytes fmt
    GOROOT/src/bytes/reader.go:117:14: unnecessary conversion
                    abs = int64(r.i) + offset
    GOROOT/src/fmt/print.go:411:21: unnecessary conversion
            p.fmt.integer(int64(v), 16, unsigned, udigits)


Using the -v flag, unconvert will also print the source line and a
caret to indicate the unnecessary conversion's position therein.

Using the -apply flag, unconvert will rewrite the Go source files
without the unnecessary type conversions.

Using the -all flag, unconvert will analyze the Go packages under all
possible GOOS/GOARCH combinations, and only identify conversions that
are unnecessary in all cases.

E.g., syscall.Timespec's Sec and Nsec fields are int64 under
linux/amd64 but int32 under linux/386.  An int64(ts.Sec) conversion
that appears in a linux/amd64-only file will be identified as
unnecessary, but it will be preserved if it occurs in a file that's
compiled for both linux/amd64 and linux/386.