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RDFSharp - Start playing with RDF!

RDFSharp is a lightweight C# framework designed to ease the creation of .NET applications based on the RDF model, representing a straightforward didactic solution for start playing with RDF and Semantic Web concepts.

With RDFSharp it is possible to realize .NET applications capable of modeling, storing and querying RDF data.

RDFSharp has a modular API made up of three layers:
  • RDFSharp.Model
    • Create and manage RDF models (resources, literals, triples, graphs, namespaces, ...)
    • Exchange them using standard RDF formats (N-Triples, TriX, Turtle, RDF/Xml)
  • RDFSharp.Store
    • Create and manage RDF stores backing data on memory or SQL Server
    • Exchange them using standard RDF formats (N-Quads, TriX)
    • Create and manage RDF federations giving integrated query access to multiple stores
  • RDFSharp.Query
    • Create and execute SPARQL queries on graphs, stores and federations to fluently query RDF data

There are many ways that you can contribute to the RDFSharp project:
  • Submit a bug
  • Submit a code fix for a bug
  • Submit a feature request
  • Submit code for a feature request
  • Tell others about the RDFSharp project :)

Did you know that...
  • RDFSharp is also available on NuGet!
  • RDFSharp has an extension for OWL-DL ontology modeling, validation and reasoning!
  • RDFSharp has an extension for SQL storage of RDF data!