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Add a Live Search to your ExpressionEngine Control Panel for weblog entries and comments.
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MD Live Search


Add a Live Search field to the top of your EE Control Panel to search entries and (optionally) comments. MD Live Search will search those fields that are set as “searchable” in your ExpressionEngine control panel


Developed by Ryan Masuga,
Contributions from Karl Swedberg (
Based on and inspired by Mark Huot’s original Live Search Extension. (

EE Extension Info:


1.2.1 (Mar 05, 2009)

  • Now only searching weblogs the currently logged-in user has access to. There wasn’t a check in place for this previously.
  • Minor cleanup

1.2.0 (Feb 27, 2009)

  • Fixed a jQuery conflict that arose when installed along with some other add-ons
  • Added a version of the extension URL line you may need to use if you have installed EE in a subdirectory or subdomain (commented out by default)
  • Really fixed the MSM search. The search now respects the site you’re currently on.
  • General clean up; couple typo fixes
  • Updated the README
  • Fixed to search only fields designated as searchable.

1.1.9 (Jan 21, 2009)

  • Now requires jQuery again (Karl Swedberg)
  • Fixed the ‘e’ is not defined error (Karl Swedberg)
  • Up/Down arrows work for entry selection again (Karl Swedberg)
  • A few new CSS styles for the entries selection

1.1.8 (Jan 04, 2009)

  • Removed dependence on jQuery and associated settings (back to using Huot’s JS)
  • Added ability to optionally show entry status
  • Removed support folder and external JS file
  • Small change to SQL to return distinct entries

1.1.7 (Jan 03, 2009)

  • Initial release of the MD version. Sort of a mega Beta. 1st jQuery version (there are still issues with the jQuery).
  • Revised CSS


  • Added in Sort By Date/Title, Order By ASC/DESC controls.
  • Added in feature to display timestamp of entry.


  • Fixed the image extension for cp_theme under both default and classic
  • Fixed js path to use $PREF for site url prefix.


  • Fixed the system location variable for the dynamic javascript ext_url var.
  • Fixed the javascript file to use the new system location variable.
  • Fixed a spelling error for a $key=>$value variable name


  • Moved CSS to settings.
  • Moved javascript file to external js file
  • Reduced some redundant code


  • Minor changes to the 1.1.1 settings


  • Added settings and settings page.
  • Added ability to enable per site (MSM aware)
  • Added call for jQuery, though JS hasn’t been updated for jQuery yet. (rmm)

Mark Huot’s work below:
1.0.3 – Capitialization error was throwing errors, fixed now
1.0.2 – Now plays nice with other extensions, using $EXT→last_call
1.0.1 – Fixed a bug with settings being offered even though there aren’t any
- Fixed a bug where $_GET[“S”] wasn’t defined

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