Buzzbird is a XUL-based desktop twitter client
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NOTE: This project is no longer maintained.

This is the source code for the Buzzbird multi-platform twitter client.
Buzzbird is based on the Mozilla XUL platform and runs on OSX, Windows, and

You can learn more about Buzzbird on its homepage, here:

If you want to download the source and try it out "the hard way", first 
download the Mozilla XULrunner runtime from here:

Follow Mozilla's instructions for how to install it.

After installing XULrunner, you *should* be able to run Buzzbird at the 
command line, either by running (OSX and Linux), or bang.bat 
(Windows).  On OSX, will put an application bundle in your
/Applications folder prior to running the app.

Buzzbird is packaged using the scripts, along with some
other magic after the fact - on Windows, the free version of the
Advanced Installer ( is used
in conjunction with the buzzbird-template.aip file in the source directory 
and the contents of the pkg directory to create an install package.  On
Linux and OSX, we just create a tarball or ZIP file of the pkg directory.

Once packaged, end users don't need to concern themselves with getting a XUL
runner runtime.

This source code is pretty terrible.  I started writing it when I knew
literally no Javascript, and very little CSS, in order to teach myself 
Javascript and CSS.  Since then, I've learned a lot both from this project 
and from other work-related activity, and I now recognize how ugly a lot of 
it is.   I'm slowly working on refactoring it, but refactoring is never as 
fun as adding new features, so it'll be ugly for a while.

All the source code is licensed under the MIT license.

- Mike