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$this->pageTitle = Yii::app()->name;
echo CHtml::tag('p',array(),'The Grid View below lists all invoice lines of the database. All fields are searcheable, and can be sorted.');
echo CHtml::tag('p',array(),'The implementation is very easy with '
.'. Check out the \'Invoiceline\' model to see how it is done.');
echo CHtml::tag('p',array(),'The database is open source from '.CHtml::link('','')." The schema is shown further below. ");
$model=new Invoiceline('search');
if(isset($_GET['Invoiceline'])) {
if($dataProvider instanceof KeenActiveDataProvider) {
/* @var $dataProvider KeenActiveDataProvider */
echo CHtml::image('images/ChinookDatabaseSchema1.1.png');
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