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Building an Editor

Just like the Blog example, the files here are kept in articles, and our elm application is kept in src.

To start up this example, use

elm-live src/Main.elm --open --start-page=editor.html -- --output=assets/editor.js

But! The exciting part of this example is that it shows how to build a basic web-editor for your document.

To do this we're going to be using Mark.Edit and Mark.New.

The first thing to look at is Mark.Edit.update, which will attempt to update the document based on an edit you might have.

Getting Oriented

There's a lot going on in this example, but I think there are really only two new things.

  1. We manage the Selection entirely in Elm and only rely on the browser for character positions via Selection.CharacterLayout.
    • Oh boy, I tried a lot of other ways before landing on this one. Probably needs a blog post.
  2. Mark.Edit.update updates our document if the edit is valid.


There are a lot of subtleties to making a text editor, even a limited one. Who knew? :)

Here are some improvements that could be made to this editor example that I figured I'd list here in case you're interested in trying your hand at one.

I've tried ranking the estimated difficulty.

  1. easy - Shift + Arrow should expand the selection range
  2. easy - Resizing the window messes up the Charlayout. I think we'd want to make it so that the Charlayout is not affected by window size instead of just rescanning the document on Browser.Event.onResize
  3. medium - The text selection highlight should be rendered as one single polyline in Svg instead of a bunch of text boxes. This will likely improve performance a bit as well. Ideally we'd like it to have the standard shape of a text selection. I think capturing multiple paragraphs might be a little tricky, but who knows! Check out MakePad for an example of a single "blob" shape for text selection.
  4. involved - The Selection.CharLayout data structure could use some love. My suspicion is that it's slow for larger documents. It's a bounding box for every character after all. So, after writing a few benchmarks to see if/when it's actually an issue, the data structure likely needs to:
    1. Look up a range of boxes between two points.
      1. Subsequent lookups are likely near each other.
    2. Be updated/recreated incrementally
  5. involved - consider adopting an incremental strategy for rescanning the document (Ports.send Ports.Rescan). Depends on 4.
    • Just rescan what's needed.
    • Incrementally update model.characterLayout.
  6. ? - Expand the UI of the editor to allow inserting Mark.Blocks, such as images.
  7. ? - Use more Html.Lazy in document rendering if possible. Mark.Parsed might make that a bit difficult, so we'll need to double check that we're getting the benefit beyond just sprinkling lazy everywhere.

I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff.

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