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awesome-lite-websites Awesome

A list of lightweight [versions of] websites without all the bloat. Websites included include no, or very little JavaScript and are smaller than 1MB in size (usually smaller by a significant margin). We love websites like Motherfucking Website.

This list is still young and I would like to hear your feedback on what should or should not be included, please submit an issue or contribute to on-going discussions.

Add a website by reading



  • CNN Lite - A lite version of
  • NPR Text-Only - Text-only version of
  • Pxlet - Lite index of various websites including Hacker News, Reddit, Slashdot and more
  • SkimFeed - Tech News aggregator
  • Hackaday - Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet
  • Reuters - A lite version of
  • Techdirt Lite - Text-only version of
  • laarc - a tech mashup of Hacker News and Reddit by two long time fans of both forums
  • CBC - a lite version of
  • Legible News - News published once per day that link judiciously to Wikipedia articles


  • Facebook - Basic mode of Facebook
  • Lobsters - A technology-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion
  • Hacker News - A social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.
  • Reddit - Reddit .compact view
  • Tilde - not a social network it is one tiny totally standard unix computer that people respectfully use together in their shared quest to build awesome web pages
  • Mataroa - Minimal blogging platform with export as first-class feature.
  • Haven - Self hostable social networking alternative. Open source; uses RSS; minimal with no ads, tracking, or JS frameworks.


  • Wikipedia - A free online encyclopedia with the aim to allow anyone to edit articles
  • Gmail Basic - Basic HTML version of Gmail
  • Gmail Mobile - Minimalistic mobile version of Gmail
  • Project Gutenberg - A volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works
  • Afrika Radyo - An internet radio with emphasis on African and middle-eastern music.
  • Super Simple Lorem Ipsum - Super simple lorem ipsum
  • DuckDuckGo - A lite version of
  • wiby - A search engine for lightweight websites
  • Conventional Commits - The Conventional Commits specification proposes introducing a standardized lightweight convention on top of commit messages.
  • Txti - A simple app that lets you create fast web pages for everybody
  • Gnod - A set of AI-powered tools for discovering new things
  • 10kb Gallery - art within 10,000 bytes
  • emuparadise - Place to download and play old-school retro video games
  • tucktools - Free online tools - Needs JavaScript to work
  • privado - A lightweight search engine that doesn't IP address or searches in any identifiable way
  • UnitPrice - A simple price analysis tool for purchasing bulk goods on Amazon
  • okaycup - A text-based website that compares varieties of coffee k-cup pods
  • MinWiz - A starter kit for viable, production-ready, lightweight websites
  • trends24 - Twitter trending hashtags and topics
  • AppAgg - APPlication AGGregator
  • Youtube Trends - Youtube Trending Videos
  • JSON Lint - JSON Formatter and Validator



To the extent possible under law, Mahdi Dibaiee has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


A list of awesome lightweight websites without all the bloat







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