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A "free as in freedom" blog you can write on without any fuss. It's simply that.


  1. There are no hard-limits on the topics, most topics are welcome, unless there is some very explicit content (extremism, porn), but that's to be decided about democratically.
  2. Original content only, no promotional content or ads. You must be the one who actually wrote the piece.
  3. You may or may not write anonymously, you are not required to mention your name as the author if you don't want to.
  4. In order to keep the blog tidy, we try to keep a standard format. This format is explained below.
  5. This is a collaborative and community-driven project, so suggestions and criticisms are welcome.
  • Think we can improve the blog in some way? Let's discuss it in issues section!
  • Want to help us improve the blog? Take a look at open issues with help-wanted tag


  • Use italics to highlight titles: book titles, post titles, paper titles, etc.
  • Use bold to highlight attention-deserving parts, your post should not have many bold words in a short pieces as it distracts the user by de-focusing their attention.
  • Use blockquotes for directly quoted text if it's long enough
  • Use quotes to highlight: directly quoted parts, puns (if you want to), to emphasize that a word itself is meant, not it's meaning (example: I painted "circle" on the board)
  • Link when links can help gather additional information. Readers should not feel the need to manually search a piece of text if we can link to the most-relevant link for a subject. As a general rule of thumb: Link to Wikipedia when mentioning a special name (person, book, project, etc.) if the subject does not have a it's own homepage on the internet.
  • Use images only when they enhance the content, not indiscriminately, just so your post looks like media.
  • Use the [figure] element to add a caption to images, or if a caption is not necessary, use a meaningful alt attribute for sake of accessibility.


Once you have read Principles and Formatting, write and send a pull-request.