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Move the 0.2 release from the roadmap to the release notes

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@@ -37,9 +37,6 @@ MMMarkdown is available under the [MIT License][].
[MIT License]:
## Roadmap
-### 0.2 - Correctness
-The emphasis in this release will be on expanding the test suite and fixing bugs. While the initial release passed all of the tests in Gruber's test suite, those tests don't provide much coverage.
### 0.3 - Full HTML Support
Because Markdown can contain raw HTML, correctly parsing Markdown requires an HTML parser; otherwise, the HTML may not be passed through correctly. This release will add an HTML parser.
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# MMMarkdown Release Notes
+## 0.2 - Correctness
+This release focused on expanding the test suite and fixing bugs. Many bugs were fixed and support for the Markdown image syntax was added.
## 0.1
The initial release of MMMarkdown. Implemented enough of markdown to pass all of Gruber's tests.

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