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An Objective-C static library for converting Markdown to HTML.
Objective-C HTML Perl
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MMMarkdown is an Objective-C static library for converting Markdown to HTML. It is compatible with OS X 10.6+ and iOS 5.0+, and is written using ARC.

Unlike other Markdown libraries, MMMarkdown implements an actual parser. It is not a port of the original Perl implementation and does not use regular expressions to transform the input into HTML. MMMarkdown tries to be efficient and minimize memory usage.


Using MMMarkdown is simple. The main API is a single class method:

#import "MMMarkdown.h"

NSError  *error;
NSString *markdown   = @"# Example\nWhat a library!";
NSString *htmlString = [MMMarkdown HTMLStringWithMarkdown:markdown error:&error];
// Returns @"<h1>Example</h1>\n<p>What a library!</p>"


While the development branch (master) includes the headers and libraries from the latest release, it is recommended that you use the release branch unless you are working on MMMarkdown itself.


Adding MMMarkdown to your Mac or iOS project is easy.

  1. Copy include/MMMarkdown.h and either lib/libMMMarkdown-Mac.a or lib/libMMMarkdown-iOS.a into your project directory.

    It is probably best to copy these into a folder specifically for files from MMMarkdown. This makes updating in the future easy. Consider placing them under Frameworks/MMMarkdown.

  2. Add the files you just copied into your Xcode project.

    If you created a directory for those files, you can add the directory itself. It is probably best to place the group that Xcode creates for this directory under the Frameworks group.

You can now use MMMarkdown within your project!


MMMarkdown is available under the MIT License.


0.3 - Full HTML Support

Because Markdown can contain raw HTML, correctly parsing Markdown requires an HTML parser; otherwise, the HTML may not be passed through correctly. This release will add an HTML parser.

0.4 - Performance

This release will focus on the overall performance of MMMarkdown. It should be fast and require little memory.

0.5 - Configurability

Having ensured the correctness and performance of MMMarkdown, this release will expand the options accepted by the parser. Plans include a strict mode, which will complain about any parsing errors, and a mode that supports MultiMarkdown.

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