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SenseTest v 0.99


  • Apache2
  • php 7+
  • MySQL

Basic Installation

  • download this repository and put move it in your Apache root folder
  • create config.php with your database details as follow:
$db['username'] = "username";
$db['password'] = "password";
$db['dbname'] 	= "database name";
$db['host'] 	= "host";
  • important: protect /admin/ with a password, see instructions in /admin/
  • go to [your server location]/admin/ to setup your the tests ready for use. After setting up the database, make sure you RENDER the tests (this will compile all necessary data to index.html)

Short Reference configuration files:


  • title: main html document title
  • description: main html document description (Search Engines)
  • keywords: main html document keywords (Search Engines, mostly ignored)
  • image: main html document image reference (social media)


  • database configuration for profile questions.

config.json (in each test folder)

  • ID: Unique ID, used for table name and javascript reference
  • link: link reference used for url (/tests/link, /results/link)
  • relation: main | sub | @link
    • main: always visible in top list
    • sub: always visible in sub list
    • @link: only visible if referenced test is done. Reference to link parameter of other test. This is a comma seperated list, i.e.: graphemes, vowel_sounds
  • disabled: true | false
  • type: syn (colorgrid) | synplus (colorpicker)| klankenvorm | klankenbetekenis
  • titles:
    • menushort: title of test (html)
    • description: description of test (html)
    • time: estimate duration of test (html)
  • percentage: threshold for WOW-factor in results (integer 0-100)
  • resultinfo: description on results page (html)
  • social: description for social media link (must be url encoded)
  • wow: description when greater than WOW threshold (html)
  • DB: default DB fields (columnname: mysqlfieldtype)
  • everyquestion: DB fields per question (columnname: mysqlfieldtype)
  • maxsetlength: maximum questions
  • sets:
    • "setname": [array]
      Set definitions

warning: do not repeat the same soundfile after one another in a set of test items. The sound might not start playing the second time on some devices.

file structure

  • admin/
  • api/
  • bower_components/
  • css/
  • data/
    • images // all images and icons
    • pages // static Markdown pages
    • sound // default sounds
    • tests
        1. graphemes
        • config.json
        • icon.png
        • icon-h.png
        • template.php
        1. vowel_sounds
      • etc...
    • texts // customise the content
    • global_config.json
    • profile.json
  • js/
  • temp // temporary files
  • templates
  • .htaccess
  • config.php
  • index.html (compiled, see admin)
  • index.php (compile source)


This web application is developed by BSTN for the "Groot Nationaal Onderzoek" project, a large-scale survey of crossmodal associations and synaesthesia led by Mark Dingemanse and Tessa van Leeuwen (2015-2018), supported by the Dutch public broadcaster NPO/NTR and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

The single page web app is based on open source software like AngularJS, SASS, SoundManager2, Parsedown, see bower_components (and api/parsedown-master) for more info.