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web app to clone, edit in-place, and republish any web site
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Plasmid is a working proof of concept Content Management System.
It allows you to clone, edit in the browser, and re-publish any web page.

Author: Massimo Di Pierro
License: BSD
Requires: web2py
Includes: jquery, jeditor, nicedit


You should not use this system to copy copyrighted material. It is intended to use to clone web page templates that you own or that are freely available and can be copied compatibly with their license.


The in-place editor does not always work and capturing of clicks in pages occasionally results in unwanted page load. Yet It works with most pages. The CMS supports multiple users (and it is based on web2py which has a Role Based Access Control) but the CMS does not apply yet permission to pages. Pages only have a owner for accountabily purpose but all pages are public.

About the name

A Plasmid is a piece of DNA that can self replicate and can inject itself within other DNA. Plasmids are used as cloning vectors in DNA recombinant technology. In our case the DNA is comprised of the HTML+CSS+JS+Images of the web pages.
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