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import re
import threading
from .sanitizer import sanitize
import threading
__all__ = ['tag', 'cat', 'safe']
THREAD_LOCAL = threading.local()
# web2py style helpers
def xmlescape(s, quote=True):
returns an escaped string of the provided text s
s: the text to be escaped
quote: optional (default True)
# first try the xml function
if isinstance(s, TAG):
return s.xml()
# otherwise, make it a string
if not isinstance(s, (str, unicode)):
s = str(s)
elif isinstance(s, unicode):
s = s.encode('utf8', 'xmlcharrefreplace')
s = s.replace("&", "&") # Must be done first!
s = s.replace("<", "&lt;")
s = s.replace(">", "&gt;")
if quote:
s = s.replace("'", "&#x27;")
s = s.replace('"', "&quot;")
return s
class TAG(object):
rules = {'ul':['li'],
def __init__(self, name): = safe = name
self.parent = None
self.components = []
self.attributes = {}
if hasattr(THREAD_LOCAL, "stack") and THREAD_LOCAL.stack:
def __enter__(self):
if not hasattr(THREAD_LOCAL, "stack"):
THREAD_LOCAL.stack = []
return self
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
def wrap(component,rules):
if not rules:
return component
if not isinstance(component,TAG) or not in rules:
return TAG(rules[0])(component)
def __call__(self, *components, **attributes):
rules = self.rules.get(,[])
self.components = [self.wrap(comp,rules) for comp in components]
self.attributes = attributes
for component in self.components:
if isinstance(component,TAG):
component.parent = self
return self
def append(self,component):
def insert(self,i,component):
def remove(self,component):
def __getitem__(self,key):
if isinstance(key,int):
return self.components[key]
return self.attributes.get(key)
def __setitem__(self,key,value):
if isinstance(key,int):
self.attributes[key] = value
def __iter__(self):
for item in self.components:
yield item
def __str__(self):
return self.xml()
def __add__(self,other):
return cat(self,other)
def add_class(self, name):
""" add a class to _class attribute """
c = self['_class']
classes = (set(c.split()) if c else set()) | set(name.split())
self['_class'] = ' '.join(classes) if classes else None
return self
def remove_class(self, name):
""" remove a class from _class attribute """
c = self['_class']
classes = (set(c.split()) if c else set()) - set(name.split())
self['_class'] = ' '.join(classes) if classes else None
return self
regex_tag = re.compile('^([\w\-\:]+)')
regex_id = re.compile('#([\w\-]+)')
regex_class = re.compile('\.([\w\-]+)')
regex_attr = re.compile('\[([\w\-\:]+)=(.*?)\]')
def find(self,expr):
union = lambda a,b: a.union(b)
if ',' in expr:
tags = reduce(union, [self.find(x.strip())
for x in expr.split(',')],set())
elif ' ' in expr:
tags = [self]
for k,item in enumerate(expr.split()):
if k>0:
children = [set([c for c in tag if isinstance(c,TAG)])
for tag in tags]
tags = reduce(union,children)
tags = reduce(union, [tag.find(item) for tag in tags],set())
tags = reduce(union,[c.find(expr)
for c in self if isinstance(c,TAG)],set())
tag = TAG.regex_tag.match(expr)
id = TAG.regex_id.match(expr)
_class = TAG.regex_class.match(expr)
attr = TAG.regex_attr.match(expr)
if (tag is None or == and \
(id is None or self['_id'] == and \
(_class is None or in \
(self['_class'] or '').split()) and \
(attr is None or self['_'] ==
return tags
def xml(self):
name =
co = ''.join(xmlescape(v) for v in self.components)
ca = ' '.join('%s="%s"' % (k[1:], k[1:] if v==True else xmlescape(v))
for (k, v) in sorted(self.attributes.items())
if k.startswith('_') and v is not None)
ca = ' ' + ca if ca else ''
if not self.components:
return '<%s%s />' % (name, ca)
return '<%s%s>%s</%s>' % (name, ca, co, name)
__repr__ = __str__
class METATAG(object):
def __getattr__(self, name):
return TAG(name)
def __getitem__(self, name):
return TAG(name)
tag = METATAG()
class cat(TAG):
def __init__(self, *components):
self.components = components
def xml(self):
return ''.join(xmlescape(v) for v in self.components)
class safe(TAG):
default_allowed_tags = {
'a':['href','title','target'], 'b':[], 'blockquote':['type'],
'br':[], 'i':[], 'li':[], 'ol':[], 'ul':[], 'p':[], 'cite':[],
'code':[], 'pre':[], 'img':['src', 'alt'], 'strong':[],
'h1':[], 'h2':[], 'h3':[], 'h4':[], 'h5':[], 'h6':[],
'table':[], 'tr':[], 'td':['colspan'], 'div':[],
def __init__(self, text, sanitize=False, allowed_tags=None):
self.text = text
self.allowed_tags = allowed_tags or safe.default_allowed_tags
def xml(self):
return self.text if not sanitize else \
sanitize(self.text, self.allowed_tags.keys(), self.allowed_tags)