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Mac OS X weather widget that pulls info from Bucknell University's weather station
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BucknellBug is a program for checking the current weather conditions at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, as reported by Bucknell's weather station.


Only v1.1 of BucknellBug for Mac was released. That version is not represented in the master branch of this repository, as it was originally tracked in a Subversion repository; the source code for the released version is available on the BucknellBug homepage, and is marked by the v1.1 tag in this repository.

The version represented in this repository, slated to be v2.1, was never released publicly, but you can build and run it yourself—the current code works fine. However…


BucknellBug is no longer functional. According to the weather station website, on April 8th, 2013, an electrical surge knocked out the service, and as of October 23rd, 2014, it has yet to be restored. For now, BucknellBug uses the API instead of the data supplied by Bucknell's own weather station.


To build BucknellBug, simply open the Xcode project and select Build from the Product menu.

You will need to create a file at Source/Application.h containing a #define with your Dark Sky API key. The file should look like this:

#define DARK_SKY_API_KEY @"<your api key>"
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