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This project has been superseded by Whitman and is unlikely to see any more improvements or bugfixes.


Chameleon is a simple service for sampling reputation from Stack Overflow. It takes a list of users from a MongoDB collection, collects those users' reputation scores, and saves them back into a MongoDB collection.


  1. Leiningen
  2. MongoDB, running on your local machine.


  1. Build the Jar:

     $ lein uberjar
  2. Create a MongoDB database called chameleon.

  3. In the chameleon database, create a collection called users.

  4. Populate the users collection with users whose reputation you would like to record, in the following format:

     {_id: <stack overflow user id>}
  5. Run the Jar file:

     $ java -jar target/uberjar/chameleon-standalone.jar

You will probably want to run the program as a cron task, to sample reputation periodically.