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Haskell's missing library
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                 _.u[[/;:,.         .odMMMMMM'
              .o888UU[[[/;:-.  .o@P^    MMM^
             oN88888UU[[[/;::-.        dP^
            dNMMNN888UU[[[/;:--.   .o@P^
           ,MMMMMMN888UU[[/;::-. o@^
       .@^  YUU[[[/o@^;::---..
     oMP     ^/o@P^;:::---..
  .dMMM    .o@^ ^;::---...
 dMMMMMMM@^`       `^^^^


Saturn is a small collection of useful functions for Haskell. It was created in the same spirit as a library I wrote in Scala called Jupiter.

How do I get Saturn?

$ git clone
$ cd jupiter
$ stack setup

How do I build Saturn?

$ stack build

How do I test Saturn?

$ stack test

How do I use Saturn?

You can use Saturn in your own Haskell projects by adding

to your extra-deps definition in stack.yaml. It will probably end up looking something like this:

  - git:
    commit: master

And then add saturn to the dependencies of your project, in package.yaml.

Who wrote this?

Saturn is written and maintained by Michael Dippery.

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