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  is a URL shortener for Stack Overflow profiles. It lets you turn this:

into this:

You're looking at the source code for the app that powers this service.

That's it?


That's stupid. Why not just use

You could, but I think it's cool to have a Stack Overflow-specific shortener. just looks cooler than

How do I create a URL?

We're all programmers here, so just use curl:

$ curl -X PUT -d "stackid=00000"

(That is, make a PUT request to the shortened URL you desire with your Stack Overflow user ID as a parameter.)

Are you Jeff Atwood or Joel Spolsky in disguise?

No, nor is affiliated in any way with Stack Overflow, its founders, or its creators. I just made it for fun (and because I wanted a short URL for my Stack Overflow to put on my résumé, bumper stickers, tattoos, and the inside of my underwear).


URL shortener for Stack Overflow profiles



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