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Answers the age-old question, "Where does a Redditor comment the most?"
Ruby Cucumber



Are you a Redditor? Do you use Ruby? Do you want to view the subreddits in which a particular user commonly posts? If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, then usaidwat is the gem for you!


usaidwat can be installed via RubyGems:

$ gem install usaidwat


A usaidwat binary is installed with the gem. usaidwat will analyze a user’s last 100 comments and provide statistics.

To list a Redditor’s comments, simply plug in a username:

$ usaidwat jedberg

To list a count of subreddits in which a user has posted, pass the -t flag:

$ usaidwat -t jedberg

You will see output like the following:

AskReddit              7
blog                  26
Frugal                 3
Random_Acts_Of_Pizza  11
TheoryOfReddit         3
apple                  1
comics                 1
entertainment          4
fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu    2
funny                 15
geek                   1
movies                 1
pics                   1
politics               4
programming            1
sex                    1
space                  1
technology             2
unitedkingdom         12
videos                 1
wikipedia              2

Which indicates that jedberg has commented in /r/funny 15 times (out of his last 100 comments).

To see the comments for a specific subreddit, tack on that subreddit:

$ usaidwat jedberg funny

All the comments for the given subreddit will be printed.


Test suites can be run with RSpec and Cucumber.

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