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import datetime
import string
import random
import cStringIO as StringIO
import web
from PIL import Image
from pymongo.connection import Connection
from pymongo import DESCENDING
import gridfs
# Workaround an incompatible between templates and the datetime module in Python 2.5
def strftime(date, format):
return date.strftime(format)
urls = ("/image/(\w+)/(.*)", "File",
"/image/(.*)", "File",
"/", "Main",
"/page/(\d+)", "Main")
app = web.application(urls, globals())
render = web.template.render("templates/", globals={"strftime": strftime})
# Use 'sms' database on local mongod instance by default
# See to change this
import settings
db = settings.db
db = Connection().sms
fs = gridfs.GridFS(db)
page_size = 10
class Main:
def GET(self, page=None):
if page is None:
page = 0
page = int(page)
previous = None
if page > 0:
previous = page - 1
next = None
if db.messages.count() > (page + 1) * page_size:
next = page + 1
return render.index(db.messages.find().sort("date", DESCENDING).limit(page_size).skip(page * page_size),
previous, next)
def generate_filename(self, name):
"""Generate a unique filename to use for GridFS, using a given name.
Just appends some random characters before the file extension and
checks for uniqueness.
filename = name.rsplit(".", 1)
filename[0] = "%s-%s" % (filename[0],
"".join(random.sample(string.letters + string.digits, 10)))
filename = ".".join(filename)
# Try again if this filename already exists
try:, "r")
return generate_filename(name)
except IOError:
return filename
def POST(self):
post_data = web.input(image = {})
if not post_data.nickname or not post_data.text:
raise web.seeother("/")
message = {"nickname": post_data.nickname,
"text": post_data.text,
"date": datetime.datetime.utcnow()}
if post_data.image.filename:
filename = self.generate_filename(post_data.image.filename)
# Only accept appropriate file extensions
if not filename.endswith((".jpg", ".JPG", ".jpeg", ".JPEG", ".png",
".PNG", ".bmp", ".BMP", ".gif", ".GIF")):
raise web.seeother("/")
message["image"] = filename
# Save fullsize image
image =
full =, "w")
# Save thumbnail
thumb =, "w", "thumb")
image =
image.thumbnail((80, 60), Image.ANTIALIAS)
data = StringIO.StringIO(), image.format)
raise web.seeother("/")
class File:
def GET(self, collection_or_filename, filename=None):
if filename is not None:
f =, "r", collection_or_filename)
f =, "r")
data =
return data
if __name__ == "__main__":
db.messages.create_index("date", DESCENDING)
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