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Tools for Cross-Referencing MDN Compat Data and Web API Confluence Data

These tools are intended for MDN Compat Data curators to leverage Web API Confluence data.

Installing, building, running locally

First, run:

npm install && npm run build

This will prepare an environment for the CLI and web environments.


The CLI is meant for generating JSON files to produce candidate PRs for mdn/browser-compat-data. It can be run using:

node main/generate.es6.js [options/flags]


npm run generate -- [options/flags]

Passing no [options/flags] will use the latest online Confluence data to patch intefaces that already exist in node_modules/browser-compat-data and output them to data/browser-compat-data. The resulting files follow the same directory structure as the browser-compat-data repository. To see documentation for all [options/flags], pass the --help flag.

The easiest way to prepare a PR is to obtain a clone of mdn/browser-compat-data, ensure that both the clone and the copy in node_modules are up to date, and send the output of the generate script to your clone of mdn/browser-compat-data.

Here's a recipe for preparing a PR for the fictional Foo and Bar interfaces, already documented in mdn/browser-compat-data:

git clone /path/to/mdn/browser-compat-data
cd /path/to/mdn/browser-compat-data
git checkout -b my-pr-branch
cd /path/to/mdittmer/mdn-confluence
npm update
npm run generate -- --interfaces=Foo,Bar --output-dir=/path/to/mdn/browser-compat-data
cd /path/to/mdn/browser-compat-data
git diff

If the diff is empty, then Confluence and MDN agree on browser versioning information for Foo and Bar. If not, you can make any manual adjustments, commit and the change, and submit a pull request.

Cross-referencing data for pull requests

Updates based on Confluence data can be cross-referenced by linking to a view of the API Catalog that shows relevant browser releases. Discovering such a view can be done manually, but there is also a tool that generates a URL based on browsers and an interface of interest. The URL generator is run with:

node main/confluence.es6.js [options/flags]


npm run confluence -- [options/flags]

To see documentation for all [options/flags], pass the --help flag. Here are some examples:

# HTMLDocument interface for all versions of Safari
npm run confluence -- -q HTMLDocument -b safari
# Sometimes the list of browsers is long (and slow to load). Specify just a few
# that highlight version info
npm run confluence -- -q AnimationEffectReadOnly -b firefox51,firefox52,firefox53,firefox54
# Browsers prefix match on browser and OS [name][version], so...
# As above, only Windows 10:
npm run confluence -- -q AnimationEffectReadOnly -b f51w10,f52w10,f53w10,f54w10


If you've got a great idea to make this better, please feel free to file issues and/or submit pull requests.

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