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A Rails application template for quickly designing a basic AJAX webpage with a database and an admin panel.
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QuickCMS Documentation

	QuickCMS is a Rails application that will help people new to Ruby on Rails to quickly develop simple database-enabled applications.

	Simple Content Management System (modified basic scaffold using sqlite3)
	RedCloth integration for the CMS to hide HTML from your clients
	Simple HTTP Authentication (uses a hardcoded password in the pages controller)
	AJAX & HTML responsive buttons in the header (with mouseover effect)
	Simple Javascript slideshow
	Ability to set specific image(s) in the slideshow area, for any content page

	1. Load QuickCMS in your text editor
	2. Delete this file (quickcms/public/index.html)
	3. Uncomment the code in the "pages" scaffold view, index.html.erb
	4. Modify the HTTP authentication user/pass in the pages controller
	5. Run script/server and point browser to localhost:3000/admin (admin/pass)
	6. Add new pages to your database and/or modify existing ones, edit appropriate files to make them work
	7. Modify/create images in the quickcms/public/images/ directory
	8. Learn the rest by reading the comments and looking at code
	9. If you find QuickCMS useful, think about how to make it better and contribute to the project. For example, a hardcoded user/pass is pretty bad :)


The wonderful opensource community and everyone involved--past, present, & future. Thank you!
QuickCMS is written by Keyvan Fatehi and is free for use by anyone.
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