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Copy a Docker image between registries without a full Docker installation
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copy-docker-image - Copy docker images without a full docker installation

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When doing automated deployments, especially when using AWS ECR in multiple accounts, you might want to copy images from one registry to another without the need for a full docker installation. At LifeOmic we wanted to orchestrate the copying of images while executing inside a container without exposing a full Docker socket just for image manipulation.

To copy an image between two anonymous repositories, you can use a command line like:

$ copy-docker-image --src-repo http://registry1/ --dest-repo http://registry2 --repo project

To specify an image tag, just add a --tag argument like:

$ copy-docker-image --src-repo http://registry1/ --dest-repo http://registry2 --repo project --tag v1

Integration with AWS ECR

Because copy to AWS ECR was common a special URL format was added to automatically look up the right HTTPS URL and authorization token. Assuming a AWS CLI profile has been created for your account you can use a command like:

$ copy-docker-image --src-repo http://registry1/ --dest-repo ecr:<account-id> --repo project


Pre-built binaries for tagged releases are available on the releases page.

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