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💡 A simplest remote IR application that can turn on your aircon via MQTT message
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ESP32 MQTT IR Remote

A simplest remote IR application that can turn on your aircon (or other devices) via MQTT message.

How To

Let's break the whole system into 3 small parts so you can understand each segment clearly.

1. Dump Signals

This MQTT IR Remote thing needs to dump the IR signal that comes from the remote control unit of the specific aircon model. For this purpose, I used an Infrared Receiver as hardware and used the sketch IRremoteESP8266/Examples/IRrecvDemo.ino. Burn this sketch and open serial console. The program will wait for signals through its IR receiver. Just press the ON button of your aircon remote control and point it to the receiver. You are supposed to see some raw data printed on the serial console. Just copy the stream for future use.

2. Send Signals

IR signals can be sent easily via IRremoveESP8266 library. They have a class named IRsend. You can bind this with any GPIO pin and send signals. But wait! Don't loose hope when your aircon does not respond for the command sent by your program. The reason could be the IR transmitter uses 3.3V which makes the IR signal less powerful to reach the aircon's sensor.

3. Send Signals on MQTT Messages

The logic is simple. Your program should connect to a broker, wait for payload on a certain topic, when received send a signal to the IR transmitter. The MQTT Dashboard has some nice UI and feature to convert button press/slider event into MQTT message and publish to specific topic.

MQTT Dashboard










Please ⭐️ this repository if this project helped you!


This project is WTFPL licensed.

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