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Quickly resolve DOI (digital object identifier) codes to their web destinations with this extension for Chrome.

Install this extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Using a non-Google-branded variant of Chromium? Download the self-updating crx.

Core features: Resolve DOI and ShortDOI codes through:

  1. Extension button
  2. Right-click on selected text (optional setting)
  3. Omnibox with keyword: doi
    Omnibox usage: Type doi and press the space key. Now you can input a DOI code and press enter to retrieve the web destination.

Additional features:

  1. Generate QR codes which can be scanned by smart phones to share a publication
  2. Automatically convert DOI codes on web pages into links (optional setting)
  3. Specify your own DOI resolver URL – useful if your institution provides a proxy service
  4. Generate formatted citations for publications

Languages supported: English

This is open source software, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
© 2016 Matthew D. Mower