Commits on Apr 4, 2015
  1. Cleanup device_id retrieval

    mdmower committed Feb 23, 2015
      - provide the header that defines property functions/constants
      - actually look for hardware_id before attempting to append it
    * Perform string length checks rigorously.
    * Only perform newline removal if string is used before sanitization.
    * Copy changes to htcdumlock, but rely on cmdline only.
    Change-Id: I720d3bc8416758f5f83782e8bc298b32eda1a573
  2. twrpTar: fix segfault after encrypted backups

    that1 authored and mdmower committed Apr 3, 2015
    also use unsigned int for core_count instead of unsigned long long.
    I'll change it back when 4-billion-core devices are common.
    - cast return value via intptr_t (may be important for 64 bit platforms)
    - output errors from TWFunc::Wait_For_Child to console
    Change-Id: I04158daa0b64e44d68e179d626a83d81cf5d49f7
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
  1. bootloader: fix crash with empty lines in /cache/recovery/command

    that1 committed Mar 26, 2015
    original fix from commit 93ffa75
    copied to our code.
    Also fixed a whitespace issue in the same code block.
    Change-Id: I6396803659c6880cde4f2b2ef08efab5721c215d
Commits on Mar 25, 2015

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 25, 2015
    Change-Id: Ibab69893bee968cfac8e25a4f166acf7cc8b4fc9
  2. Fix reboot for some devices

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 25, 2015
    Change-Id: I06caac2e80bd7eb311778796f974846e9ce844fa
  3. gui: add DST rules to time zones for USA and Europe

    that1 authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 24, 2015
    This should fix daylight saving time display for most users.
    For fully correct time zones we need the tzdata database.
    Change-Id: I7b7693ab0abaf20be217bd06d525f03fb89b7217
Commits on Mar 20, 2015
  1. Fix TWFunc::Wait_For_Child reporting success when child segfaults

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 20, 2015
    Change-Id: Ic17624b32ca4aea43c72aea0c3d6dec0441ddee4
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  2. libtar: fix handling of files bigger than 2 GiB

    Tasssadar committed Mar 20, 2015
    Change-Id: I96dc1b52b2e4edf366e70a927b263a9aab3e85b7
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
Commits on Mar 19, 2015
  1. updater: only include tune2fs support when libtune2fs is available

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 19, 2015
    Change-Id: Iebf965bb7f5352115be4039aa6ca5be5a6a6d219
  2. Allow multiple overlays

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 16, 2015
    This effectively allows us to support popup dialogs and the like.
    Change-Id: Iafb3fa60ed635287cb59dce118f74dc8f2a4e60a
  3. Ingore touch events for 0,0

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 18, 2015
    Change-Id: I63eb29d7a39956d92cb5da81c5cb4405930d43ae
  4. Fix non-working "Do Not Install" button on "installsu" page.

    codelover authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 14, 2015
    * Applicable to non-rooted devices running portrait mode only.
    * Touching the button has no effect, supposed to reboot/poweroff.
    Change-Id: If67649c4c83ddf549c833f94c66829e0877969c5
  5. Fix TWRP not mounting /data/media type storage if built with toolbox …

    codelover authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 14, 2015
    * ONLY Applicable when building with 'TW_USE_TOOLBOX := true'
    * toolbox's 'mount' expects the first argument to be a block device, but /data/media is a dir.
    * Technically we don't 'mount' a dir to another, we 'bind' it instead.
    * So we define the mount option explicitly with '-o bind'. (supported by busybox 'mount' too)
    Change-Id: If97c9096167fb723150b949f4336005b3313a174
  6. toolbox: Include setenforce into tools.h

    HandyMenny authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 17, 2015
    setenforce was filtered out of toolbox tools too early. Only filter it
    out just before symlinking (and only if busybox provides it).
    Change-Id: Id8c77d12b440416bfc21bf52705f2387ffd897cf
  7. Fix invalid memory access when rendering a ttf glyph with 'left' < 0

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 15, 2015
    * Fixes for example 'j' in Roboto-Regular
    Change-Id: I0cf778c99f391900e164be743165cf8aad891020
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  8. Fix deadlock in gr_ttf_measureEx if called before the height is cached

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 15, 2015
    Change-Id: I2691e2ee4b272e7425d318b05404360598e2ea92
  9. Fix GUIPatternPassword when the pattern crosses already visited dots

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 15, 2015
    Change-Id: I59b3f8c5604c036dbc74c020ee21aeeef28132d3
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  10. Merge "Revert "Force sync files written by minzip."" into android-5.1

    Entropy512 authored and Gerrit Code Review committed Mar 19, 2015
Commits on Mar 14, 2015
  1. gui: keyboard: introduce struct Layout and simplify caps handling

    that1 committed Mar 14, 2015
    Also minor cleanups:
    - move array limits from #defines to a protected enum
    - zero fill layouts in ctor
    Change-Id: I8fe0f8465ebc646ad3bf3cc3f8490dbdd384f43d
  2. gui: keyboard: add HitTestKey method, minor simplifications

    that1 committed Mar 14, 2015
    Change-Id: I6cd0251dd9d933e6ebef977a553be7473e2d7034
  3. gui: fix 1920x1200 keyboard "_", ":", "!" and "?"

    that1 committed Mar 14, 2015
    "_" was broken due to a bad XML attribute name, and the others
    didn't produce the highlighted character in shift mode.
    Change-Id: I271fbf4e083ccdb69c469cbdae44101afed4fd1e
  4. gui: keyboard doesn't need its own action

    that1 committed Mar 14, 2015
    This was questionable design and is unused anyway.
    Also reduced a few redundant #includes.
    Change-Id: I65bb01120e6072c5695755920242f6f9d73c816e
Commits on Mar 13, 2015
  1. Revert "Force sync files written by minzip."

    Entropy512 authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 11, 2015
    This has been causing significant performance degradation when flashing updates
    for the entirety of 5.0.
    I was originally hesitant to do this since we don't want unsynced files on an update,
    however - Our updater-script unmounts /system at the end of installation, which
    will force a sync.  As a result the issue Google was trying to fix won't be present
    for our ZIPs.
    This reverts commit a6c142f.
    Change-Id: I89b22e2677c4eda4d3e6338adc0046bf754d43b2
  2. Merge tag 'android-5.1.0_r1' of…

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 13, 2015
    …form/bootable/recovery into aosp
    Android 5.1.0 release 1
    Change-Id: Iff8a34fa59d93fb1165e06fef1fafd50292324f0
  3. Add UI for entering pattern for device decryption

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 5, 2015
    Change-Id: Ia2d3268a96423e9ca3846500c57e674c4f8fa60b
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  4. Allow touch to use a key code to sync touch events

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 9, 2015
    This is needed to make touch work on the x86-64 emulator target
    though I have seen the key code used on other devices as a way to
    synchronize touch events.
    Change-Id: I31a3cc56e6470f2c707641b537140e44f5e686aa
  5. Make TWRP compile for x86-64 CPU target

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 9, 2015
    Also add a short while loop to wait for fb0 to be created as was
    needed on the x86-64 target for the Android emulator.
    Change-Id: Ib1b87bea028ac3eac0541283334a0157cdfbce11
  6. GUI: Add monospace TTF

    mdmower authored and Dees-Troy committed Feb 26, 2015
    Change-Id: I287722719c1f73cc8f7214549f9a890f03d4a586
Commits on Mar 12, 2015
  1. Reduce themes to 5 and rely on scaling

    Dees-Troy committed Mar 11, 2015
    This will significantly reduce theme maintainence and should be a
    lot more sustainable over time. Eliminate most themes leaving only
    5 remaining in 3 categores:
     * watch_mdpi: 320x320
     * portrait_mdpi: 480x800
     * portrait_hdpi: 1080x1920
     * landscape_mdpi: 800x480
     * landscape_hdpi: 1920x1200
    Add handling to map the old DEVICE RESOLUTION to the new TW_THEME
    build flag. New devices should specify a theme using the new
    TW_THEME build flag using one of the 5 values from the list above.
    Long term we will eliminate the use of the DEVICE_RESOLUTION flag
    in favor of the new flag.
    Change the way sliders render so that they completely follow the
    placement="5". This will probably break some custom themes but is
    necessary so that we can retain the aspect ratio on slider images
    and still have them rendered at the center of the screen.
    Add code to the console slideout button so that it can be centered.
    Centering the slideout button allows us to keep the button at the
    center of the screen when retaining aspect ratios on the image.
    Add more retain aspect ratios for home, back, slideout, folder,
    file, and lock screen images.
    Change the way we build the top bar in TWRP. It is now mostly
    drawn using fill objects and the TWRP logo is a separate image so
    that we can retain its aspect ratio during scaling. Thanks to Mark
    Norelus for providing the TWRP logo.
    Change-Id: I801a7b3163cad9ef353461f4c327690a9ccbb3aa
Commits on Mar 11, 2015
  1. Handle sdk version 22 as lollipop

    mar-v-in authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 10, 2015
    Change-Id: I87c17715d7acdf6ae15f8a39e3e316715bade6f3
  2. toolbox: Cleanup Makefile

    mdmower authored and Dees-Troy committed Feb 19, 2015
    * Do not split the makefile in two to support pre-lollipop trees. Go
      through and mark sections with PLATFORM_SDK_VERSION.
    * setenforce: Correct the handling to prevent build warnings -- if
      busybox provides this tool, then still allow it to be built, but do
      not write a symlink.
    * Correct indentation throughout
    * Remove dead code (LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES)
    Change-Id: I1b13a0e0be78ea862f7d418d683407ff79d17e4f
  3. Mount pstore filesystem while in recovery

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 8, 2015
    * pstore filesystem is evolution of ram_console and contains
      kmsg from previous boot (previously in /proc/last_kmsg).
    * Lollipop init.rc does this. If device doesn't have
      pstore fs, it will simply be ignored
    Change-Id: Id3bf8763ccde54f87fde5cdf2db511649c376aa4
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  4. Properly disable GGL_TEXTURE_2D after using it in minuitwrp

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 5, 2015
    Change-Id: Ib100ccf3c8f6c622beb40b37ba3f61aad69d7d93
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  5. Implement gr_line() and gr_render_circle()

    Tasssadar authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 5, 2015
    Change-Id: I63c8dcfa276bbeb550ca051a3a1a0646a2d07dc6
    Signed-off-by: Vojtech Bocek <>
  6. gui: support string resources

    that1 authored and Dees-Troy committed Mar 5, 2015
    storing strings in a map (for fast lookup) in resource manager
    To define a string resource in <resources>:
    <string name="foo">Hello</string>
    To use a string, e.g.:
    Not yet done: language-specific resources (should be solved not only for
    strings, but for all kinds of resources - e.g. for localized images)
    Change-Id: I3ba5cf5298c09e0d28a83973e9662f179271b33f