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We're really happy to accept contributions to the mdn-browser-compat-data repository! This file lists some general guidelines to help you contributing effectively.

Types of contribution

There are many ways you can help improve this repository! For example:

  • Adding new compat data: familiarize yourself with the schema and read the schema docs to add new files.
  • Fixing existing compat data: maybe a browser now supports a certain feature. Yay! If you open a PR to fix a browser's data, it would be most helpful if you include a link to a bug report or similar so that we can double-check the good news.
  • Fixing a bug: we have a list of issues, or maybe you found your own.
  • Reviewing a pull request: there is a list of PRs. Let us know if these look good to you.
  • Publishing a new package (staff only): A new npm package should be published regularly, see below for details.

Validating the data

You can use npm test to validate data against the schema. You might need to install the devDependencies using npm install. The JSON data is validated against the schema using ajv.

Generating data using the Web API Confluence Dashboard

If the feature you're interested in is a JavaScript API, you can cross-reference data against Web API Confluence using the confluence command. This command overwrites data in your current working tree according to data from the dashboard. See Using Confluence for instructions.

Test rendering

You can use npm run render $query $dept $aggregateMode to output the table HTML as it would be rendered on MDN. The parameters are the same as the {{compat}} macro.

Paste the generated HTML into the MDN editor (source mode). You can use a new page, for example: and verify if the output looks correct.


Not everything is enforced or validated by the schema. A few things to pay attention to:

  • Feature identifiers (the data namespaces, like should make sense and are spelled correctly.
  • Nesting of feature identifiers should make sense.
  • Notes use correct grammar and spelling. They should be complete sentences ending with a period.

Code style

The JSON files should be formatted according to the .editorconfig file.

Publishing a new package version

Regularly, a new release of mdn-browser-compat-data is created by MDN staff and will then be deployed to the MDN site. Usually this is done every Thursday (MDN never deploys to production on Fridays). Releases should be coordinated with the project owner Florian Scholz, but anyone with owner permissions on the mdn/browser-compat-data repository has the ability to run the following steps which will create a new package version:

  1. Figure out the new version number by looking at past releases. The project is in alpha, so we're using only patch versions. Lets assume the next version should be 0.0.43.
  2. On your updated and clean master branch, run npm version patch -m "43rd alpha version". Locally, this updates package.json, creates a new commit, and creates a new release tag (see also the docs for npm version).
  3. Push the commit to master: git push origin master.
  4. Check if the commit passes fine on Travis CI.
  5. If Travis is alright, push the git tag as well: git push origin v0.0.43. This step will trigger Travis to publish to npm automatically (see our .travis.yml file).
  6. Check Travis CI again for the v0.0.43 build and also check mdn-browser-compat-data on npm to see if 0.0.43 shows up correctly once Travis has finished its work.
  7. Notify the #mdndev IRC channel on about the new release and coordinate with jwhitlock or rjohnson a deployment of the new package to the MDN site.
  8. Create a new release on GitHub by running npm run release-notes -- v0.0.43).


Please note that the compatibility data is made available under the CC0 license, so any contributions must be compatible with that license. If you're not sure about that, just ask.

Getting help

If you need help with this repository or have any questions, contact the MDN team in the #mdn IRC channel on or write us on discourse.

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