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This is the repo to fork or clone when creating a new MDN Content Kit.
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To create a new MDN Content Kit, fork or clone this template.


  1. Remember that you are creating the kit for the teacher or presenter. Speak to them. Make sure you give them everything they need to be successful.
  2. Fork or clone this MDN Content Kit Template project.
  3. Create your README - template below.
  4. Create your index.html file.
  5. Put all of your resources into the repo.

Things to include in your repo:

  1. Readme - see example below
  2. Version Number or Last Updated Date
  3. Introduction/Summary
  4. Key Points - what the presenter's audience will get
  5. Reference Materials
  6. Presentation Materials
  7. Demo Materials
  8. Presentation materials to include in your MDN Content Kit - These can be in your repo or you can link to them from your readme.
  9. Slides - in an open, editable format. The more notes, the better.
  10. Video of the materials being presented. This can be useful either for less experienced meetup groups to use or for presenters to use to learn how to give this presentation.
  11. Demo materials.
  12. Demo how to.
  13. Demo trouble shooting.
  14. Video or screencast of the demo being given. This is especially important if the presenter is not highly skilled or if the demo has to be given in front of a live audience or offline.
  15. Exercises for the presenter's audience to practice using the material.
  16. FAQs. Questions you'd expect the presenter to get and how to answer them.
  17. Pictures/diagrams.

Include the following in your file:

This is the YourTopicName Content Kit. It contains everything you need to present/teach a one hour presentation on YourTopicName.

To get started, visit This project's index file..

You can get much more detailed instructions on writing a content kit from our Making a new content kit guide.

Final steps:

  1. Update the list of kits on MDN with a link to your new kit.