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Mozilla Developer Portal

Development workflow


Since this project uses Docker, you'll need to install Docker and Docker Compose to run this project locally.

To get set up in one-command, run:


This command will create an .env file with unique keys, build docker images and containers, run database migrations, load fixture data, and prompt to create a superuser.


With Docker Desktop running in the background, bring up the services built by the setup script by running:

docker-compose up

As you make changes, remember to run the tests…:

docker-compose exec app python test
docker-compose exec static npm run test

…and to make and apply database migrations:

docker-compose exec app python makemigrations
docker-compose exec app python migrate


After pulling master you may need to install new dependencies…:

docker-compose build

…or run database migrations:

docker-compose exec app python migrate

If things get messed up, you could (as a last resort) prune ALL Docker images, containers and volumes, and start from scratch:

./ --prune

Static site generation

A static file version of the site is generated using Wagtail Bakery which is built on top of Django Bakery


Build the site out as flat files to the /build folder (specified in settings/

docker-compose exec app python build

Check the built static site:

docker-compose exec app python buildserver
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