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  • Simple stream pump: This example shows how to consume a ReadableStream and pass its data to another.
  • Grayscale a PNG: This example shows how a ReadableStream of a PNG can be turned into grayscale.
  • Simple random stream: This example shows how to use a custom stream to generate random strings, enqueue them as chunks, and then read them back out again.
  • Simple tee example: This example extends the Simple random stream example, showing how a stream can be teed and both resulting streams can be read independently.
  • Simple writer: This example shows how to to write to a writable stream, then decode the stream and write the contents to the UI.
  • Transform binary chunks to strings: In this example, binary data chunks of a text file are converted to string lines by a TransformStream.
  • Unpack chunks of a PNG: This example shows how pipeThrough() can be used to transform a ReadableStream into a stream of other data types by transforming a data of a PNG file into a stream of PNG chunks.