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<title>Quick hummus recipe</title>
<h1>Quick hummus recipe</h1>
<p>This recipe makes quick, tasty hummus, with no messing. It has been adapted from a number of different recipes that I have read over the years.</p>
<p>hummus is a delicious thick paste used heavily in Greek and Middle Eastern dishes. It is very tasty with salad, grilled meats and pitta breads.</p>
<li>1 can (400g) of chick peas (garbanzo beans)</li>
<li>175g of tahini</li>
<li>6 sundried tomatoes</li>
<li>Half a red pepper</li>
<li>A pinch of cayenne pepper</li>
<li>1 clove of garlic</li>
<li>A dash of olive oil</li>
<li>Remove the skin from the garlic, and chop coarsely.</li>
<li>Remove all the seeds and stalk from the pepper, and chop coarsely.</li>
<li>Add all the ingredients into a food processor.</li>
<li>Process all the ingredients into a paste.</li>
<li>If you want a coarse "chunky" hummus, process it for a short time.</li>
<li>If you want a smooth hummus, process it for a longer time.</li>
<p>For a different flavour, you could try blending in a small measure of lemon and coriander, chili pepper, lime and chipotle, harissa and mint, or spinach and feta cheese. Experiment and see what works for you.</p>
<p>Refrigerate the finished hummus in a sealed container. You should be able to use it for about a week after you've made it. If it starts to become fizzy, you should definitely discard it.</p>
<p>hummus is suitable for freezing; you should thaw it and use it within a couple of months.</p>
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