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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Items sold summary</title>
<link href="minimal-table.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<h1>Items sold summary</h1>
<caption>Items Sold August 2016</caption>
<th colspan="3" id="clothes">Clothes</th>
<th colspan="2" id="accessories">Accessories</th>
<th id="trousers">Trousers</th>
<th id="skirts">Skirts</th>
<th id="dresses">Dresses</th>
<th id="bracelets">Bracelets</th>
<th id="rings">Rings</th>
<th rowspan="3" id="belgium">Belgium</th>
<th id="antwerp">Antwerp</th>
<td headers="clothes trousers belgium antwerp">56</td>
<td headers="clothes skirts belgium antwerp">22</td>
<td headers="clothes dresses belgium antwerp">43</td>
<td headers="accessories bracelets belgium antwerp">72</td>
<td headers="accessories rings belgium antwerp">23</td>
<th id="gent">Gent</th>
<td headers="clothes trousers belgium gent">46</td>
<td headers="clothes skirts belgium gent">18</td>
<td headers="clothes dresses belgium gent">50</td>
<td headers="accessories bracelets belgium gent">61</td>
<td headers="accessories rings belgium gent">15</td>
<th id="brussels">Brussels</th>
<td headers="clothes trousers belgium brussels">51</td>
<td headers="clothes skirts belgium brussels">27</td>
<td headers="clothes dresses belgium brussels">38</td>
<td headers="accessories bracelets belgium brussels">69</td>
<td headers="accessories rings belgium brussels">28</td>
<th rowspan="2" id="netherlands">The Netherlands</th>
<th id="amsterdam">Amsterdam</th>
<td headers="clothes trousers netherlands amsterdam">89</td>
<td headers="clothes skirts netherlands amsterdam">34</td>
<td headers="clothes dresses netherlands amsterdam">69</td>
<td headers="accessories bracelets netherlands amsterdam">85</td>
<td headers="accessories rings netherlands amsterdam">38</td>
<th id="utrecht">Utrecht</th>
<td headers="clothes trousers netherlands utrecht">80</td>
<td headers="clothes skirts netherlands utrecht">12</td>
<td headers="clothes dresses netherlands utrecht">43</td>
<td headers="accessories bracelets netherlands utrecht">36</td>
<td headers="accessories rings netherlands utrecht">19</td>
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