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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>fetch() promise.all() example</title>
// Define function to fetch a file and return it in a usable form
function fetchAndDecode(url, type) {
// Returning the top level promise, so the result of the entire chain is returned out of the function
return fetch(url).then(response => {
// Depending on what type of file is being fetched, use the relevant function to decode its contents
if(type === 'blob') {
return response.blob();
} else if(type === 'text') {
return response.text();
.catch(e => {
console.log(`There has been a problem with your fetch operation for resource "${url}": ` + e.message);
// Call the fetchAndDecode() method to fetch the images and the text, and store their promises in variables
let coffee = fetchAndDecode('coffee.jpg', 'blob');
let tea = fetchAndDecode('tea.jpg', 'blob');
let description = fetchAndDecode('description.txt', 'text');
// Use Promise.all() to run code only when all three function calls have resolved
Promise.all([coffee, tea, description]).then(values => {
// Store each value returned from the promises in separate variables; create object URLs from the blobs
let objectURL1 = URL.createObjectURL(values[0]);
let objectURL2 = URL.createObjectURL(values[1]);
let descText = values[2];
// Display the images in <img> elements
let image1 = document.createElement('img');
let image2 = document.createElement('img');
image1.src = objectURL1;
image2.src = objectURL2;
// Display the text in a paragraph
let para = document.createElement('p');
para.textContent = descText;
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