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This is an example of how to use embedded WebExtensions to convert a legacy Bootstrapped extension to a WebExtension in stages, and migrate the legacy add-on's data so it's accessible by the WebExtension.

The legacy add-on contains:

  • some user data stored in the Firefox preferences
  • a button in the toolbar

When the button is pressed, the add-on displays a panel containing the stored data.

This directory contains three versions of the add-on.

  • step0-legacy-addon: the initial add-on, written entirely using the bootstrapped extension method.
  • step1-hybrid-addon: a hybrid consisting of a bootstrapped extension containing an embedded WebExtension. The bootstrapped extension reads the stored data and sends it to the embedded WebExtension. The embedded WebExtension stores the data using the storage API, and also implements the UI.
  • step2-pure-webextension: the final version, written entirely using the WebExtensions method. This version can be deployed after the hybrid version has migrated the stored data to the storage API.