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A persistent note/to-do list application — click a button in your browser and record notes, which will persist even after browser restarts.

Works in Firefox 47+.

Running with web-ext

web-ext generates a new profile on each run, meaning your data is not persisted between Firefox runs. To use web-ext and preserve this information, you will need an existing or new Firefox profile. Then run:

web-ext run --firefox-profile [A PATH TO A FIREFOX PROFILE] --keep-profile-changes

What it does

This extension includes:

  • A browser action that creates a popup — within the popup is:
    • Two form elements for entering title and body text for a new note, along with a button to add a note, and a button to clear all notes.
    • A list of the notes that have been added to the extension — each note includes a delete button to delete just that note. You can also click on the note title and body to edit them. In edit mode, each note includes:
      • An update button to submit an update.
      • A cancel button to cancel the update.

Quicknote uses the WebExtensions Storage API to persist the notes.

What it shows

  • How to persist data in a WebExtension using the Storage API.
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